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You can get comprehensive inspection of your full system, including septic tanks and drain fields done for your home or real estate requirements from Lane's Septic Tank Service Inc. located in East Palatka, FL.


Once the inspection has been carried out, our technicians will provide you with a written certification of findings, which can be used for all official purposes.

Home and Commercial Septic Tank Inspections and Certifications

PERC testing performed

Find out whether the ground at a new site is suitable for a septic system to be constructed. Our technicians will perform evaluation of your property for proper setbacks and also provide permit approvals.

  • Real estate inspections

  • Residential inspections

  • Septic tank or drain field inspection  

  • New site testing and evaluation

  • PERC testing

  • Written certification and permit approval

For a FREE estimate on your septic tank related inspection in North Central Florida, call us at 386-329-1105

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