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Even a small septic problem can turn out to be a big problem which can be

very difficult to handle. Don’t ignore any septic problem and get in touch

with us immediately.


Troubles with plumbing backups, sewage odors and changes in the color of the wastewater are some signs indicating you to get your aerobic septic system repaired and maintained. Keep your aerobic system well-maintained to ensure that your aerobic system performs at the maximum level.

A Well-Maintained Septic System for a Healthy and

Hygienic Environment

We will keep your aerobic system running smoothly

Get in touch with Lane's Septic Tank Service Inc., East Palatka, FL to keep your aerobic system running smoothly. Let our experienced and knowledgeable technicians monitor your system regularly and keep notifying you of any concerns that they observe while inspecting.

  • Annual maintenance contracts for aerobic system

  • Annual cleaning and certification

  • Annual reporting to the Florida department of health

  • Replacement of parts and installation

  • Damaged line repair

  • Evaluation and recommendation for repair

  • Permitting services for repairs

  • Services for residential and commercial areas

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Aerobic system inspection and maintenance services: